Dapp helps implement and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

With dapp, DevOps engineers generate and deploy images by linking together:

  • application code (with Git support),
  • infrastructure code (with Ansible or shell scripts), and
  • platform as a service (Kubernetes).

Dapp simplifies development of build scripts, reduces commit build time and automates deployment. It is designed to make engineer’s work fast end efficient.


  • Reducing average build time.
  • Sharing a common cache between builds.
  • Running distributed builds with common registry.
  • Reducing image size by detaching source data and build tools.
  • Building images with Ansible or shell scripts.
  • Building multiple images from one description.
  • Advanced tools for debugging built images.
  • Deploying to Kubernetes via helm, the Kubernetes package manager.
  • Tools for cleaning both local and remote Docker registry caches.

First Steps